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Whatever your fantasy may be top it off with the perfect costume wig. Keep it groovy with a 70s style or go futuristic with a blunt bob. Browse our Top 10 Costume Wigs reviewed by our wig fans. Their choices will help you find the best disguise!
  • Pin Up Costume Wig by Jon Renau Illusions

       29 Reviews

    by Jamis from Sikeston, Missouri



    This wig is absolutely what I've been looking for. Definitely gives me the retro vintage style I was going for. Love it, it lasts all day after a 8 hour shift it is still holding up when with other wigs after a few hours they already look wiggy. I've got two colors and gonna get another, this is definitely my style!
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  • Finger Wave Fluff by Lacey Costume Wigs

       10 Reviews

    by aeflynn from Raleigh, NC

    "Perfect 1920s Look"


    Used this wig in strawberry blonde for a "Silent Screen Actress" costume. It was perfect for the look! The wig was much nicer quality than I expected, had an adjustable fit, and was very comfortable to wear. Including a photo taken to reflect the 1920s era.
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  • Old Lady (Better Version) by Lacey Costume Wigs

       8 Reviews

    by Martha from Lincoln, Nebraska

    "Startling but true"


    Startling but true-to-life wig! I'll wow 'em in Kansas City. Many thanks!
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  • 60's Lucy Flip (Short Version) by Lacey Costume Wigs

       8 Reviews

    by Janet Nichols from California du Sud

    "Great value for the money"


    Easy to comb. Really looked like the picture. Very comfortable (for a wig).
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  • Go-Go Girl Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

       12 Reviews

    by Tiffany from Villa Grove, CO



    I got the purple and blue wigs of this style and I love them! The colors are bold and fun, and with the mesh cap liner they stay in place quite well. A must have for anybody who never knows where her costume desires will take her....
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  • Gina by Lacey Costume WIgs

       7 Reviews

    by Nancy from Cathedral City, California

    "What FUN!!"


    I wish that I had one in each color! I ordered the "Raggedy Ann" red one....good for Christmas, Valentine's Day and also for the Mardi-Gras party that I attended. It was a "hit" to say the least! Very comfortable and of good quality!
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  • 40s Vamp by Lacey Costume Wigs

       7 Reviews

    by Meredith from Scranton, Paq

    "Love it!"


    I got it in copper red. It's great as a costume wig but has the quality of a real wig, not just for costume. The part on the side is very prominent but I wear a flower over it anyway and it looks great.
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  • Vamp (60's Version) by Lacey Costume Wigs

       6 Reviews

    by April from St. Louis, MO

    "Best Wig Purchase EVER!"


    For Halloween I usually go to one of those seasonal shops and get stuck with their cheap thin wigs for my costumes. This year I wanted to do a 60's era costume and couldn't find a great enough wig. I finally found this one and was so pleased when it arrived. Not only was it big and flowing, it styled easily.
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  • Foxy Costume Wig by Incognito

       6 Reviews

    by femininja from Pittsburgh, PA

    "Electric Blue Foxy Makes Me Happy!"


    When my doctor recommended that I receive chemotherapy, I was scared. My friend took me out to lunch and said, Lets just get you a blue wig and rock this thing out. All of a sudden it sounded doable. I went home, found and ordered this bright blue bob, along with some other wigs in impossible colors. The first time I went to the hospital after I lost my hair I wore the blue wi
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  • Fluff L (Discount Version) by Lacey Costume Wigs

       6 Reviews

    by Ann from Texas



    Overall excellent.
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